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Why SilverSense SDF?

SilverSense SDF helps your patients avoid preventable discomfort and pain!

Your patients will love treatment with SilverSense SDF because it’s easy, non-invasive, and pain-free!

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Applying SilverSense SDF is fast and easy – perfect for even the most impatient of patients.

SilverSense SDF can easily be incorporated into your standard practice workflow as part of a health supervision visit, in just a few minutes!

Step 1

Clean and dry the tooth with a cotton pellet and isolate the area by placing cotton rolls on either side of the arch.

Step 2

Dispense 1-2 drops of SilverSense SDF into a disposable dappen dish.

Step 3

Scrub directly into the lesion with the included Benda® Micro applicator, reapplying until the lesion stays wet.

For approximal surfaces, apply to embrasures. SilverSense SDF will wick into the lesion.

Step 4

Allow to air dry for 60 seconds. Do not rinse. Remove any excess with a cotton pellet.

You’re done in just 2 to 3 minutes!

SilverSense SDF

Does Not Turn Teeth Black!

One of the most common misconceptions about silver diamine fluoride is that it “turns teeth black”. This is NOT true. The reality is that only the infected or demineralized part of the tooth will turn darker; healthy tooth structure will not be affected. Infected lesions are often already dark so the application of SDF will only turn them a bit darker. Also, if the solution is applied to a posterior/back tooth, the discoloration will not be visible in normal everyday interactions when the patient is talking or smiling.

A cost-effective way to provide your patients with higher-quality care! One drop of SilverSense SDF treats up to 5 teeth

SilverSense SDF allows me to provide minimally invasive treatment for patients who would otherwise not be cooperative for traditional dentistry, such as those who are very young, uncooperative, or who have medical histories that prohibit use of sedation or anesthesia.
Dr. Joshua Solomon

Don’t forget fluoride varnish!

As a last step AFTER SilverSense SDF application, apply fluoride varnish like FluoroDose®, to all teeth for maximum benefit. The USPSTF recommends that primary care clinicians apply fluoride varnish to the teeth of all children1. The yummy taste of FluoroDose will also help mask the metallic taste of SDF, providing a better patient experience!

Learn how to easy it is to apply fluoride varnish to your patients’ teeth!

Insurance Information

To report the application of SilverSense SDF, use CPT code 0792T. Since silver diamine fluoride use is new, CPT and CMS have not yet valued the code.2 Coverage from commercial and Medicaid payers is not guaranteed and payment rates have not been set3. Contact payers before treatment to ensure service is covered. If not covered, contact the AAP Coding Hotline: AAP Coding Hotline and Hassle Factor Form (

Applicable CDT Codes include:

D1206 Topical application of fluoride varnish

D1208 Topical application of fluoride

D1354 Interim caries arresting medication application – conservative treatment of an active non-symptomatic carious lesion by topical application of a caries arresting or inhibiting medicament and without mechanical removal of sound tooth structure

Review the AAP Oral Health Coding Fact Sheet for Primary Care Physicians to learn more.

Early Childhood Caries (ECC)

It is defined as >1 decayed, missing, or filled primary tooth surface in children less than 6 years of age. It effects 23% of children ages 2-5 years, 17% of permanent teeth ages 6-11 and up to 57% adolescents ages 12-19. ECC was once called “nursing caries” or “baby bottle tooth decay”, which greatly downplays the health, social and economic harms of this wide-spread disease.

In addition to twice-daily brushing with fluoridated toothpaste for all children, professionally-applied 5% fluoride varnish treatments are highly effective in reducing the prevalence of ECC. Evidence increasingly suggests that preventive interventions within the first year of life are critical. This may be best implemented by medical providers who often see young children long before they see a dentist.

SilverSense SDF

SilverSense SDF is an evidence-based solution that helps your patients avoid preventable discomfort and pain. It is a tool that will allow you to address some of your patients’ oral health needs, especially in situations when they need immediate care but do not have a dentist or a dental home. The SilverSense SDF application procedure is fast, simple, painless, and noninvasive and does not require expensive equipment.

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