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SilverSense SDF™

38% Silver Diamine Fluoride



SilverSense SDF is an evidence-based solution that helps your patients avoid preventable discomfort and pain. It is a tool that will allow you to address some of your patients’ oral health needs, especially in situations when they need immediate care but do not have a dentist or a dental home. The SilverSense SDF application procedure is fast, simple, painless, and noninvasive and does not require expensive equipment.
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Product Description

Transform the Way You Treat Your Patients!

SilverSense SDF is a 38% Silver Diamine Fluoride solution proven to eliminate your patients’ oral pain. SilverSense SDF silver particles act as a powerful desensitizer by occluding dentinal tubules, producing preferential fluorohydroxyapatite and increasing mineral density and hardness.1 What’s more, the solution stops harmful bacterial formation through two powerful ingredients – fluoride, which inhibits biofilm formation and silver, which helps destroy plaque biofilm.2SilverSense SDF also conditions and hardens softened tooth structure – it fosters remineralization, inhibits calcium dissolution from hydroxyapatite and prevents the demineralization of enamel and dentin.3 Treated dentin will be twice as hard as healthy dentin.4

  • Non-invasive procedure – your patients will love this easy, pain-free solution!
  • Application is simple, fast, and easy – great for even the most impatient patients.
  • Tinted blue for more precise application and to avoid staining unintended surfaces.
  • Hardens infected tooth structure5 – your patient may receive restorative treatment at the dentist or wait until the tooth naturally exfoliates.
  • Cost-effective solution – less than $0.80 per patient – that provides immediate relief to your patients.
  • 5 mL dropper bottle delivers one 30 µL drop at a time.
  • Benda® Micro Fine Applicators included!

SilverSense SDF is available in a 1-bottle Standard Kit (with 20 applicators) or a 3-bottle Clinic Kit (with 50 applicators).

Download Silver Diamine Fluoride Sell Sheet

How often should SilverSense SDF be applied?

This depends on the patient and their specific case. SilverSense SDF should be applied immediately if it is determined that they are a candidate for treatment. The treated site will need to be monitored over time. If the patient is not receiving restorative treatment at the dentist, it is generally recommended to reapply twice a year, but more frequent application may be needed, depending on the severity of the case.

Will SilverSense SDF turn my patients’ teeth black?

No. One of the most common misconceptions about silver diamine fluoride is that it “turns teeth black”. This is NOT true. The reality is that only the infected or demineralized part of the tooth will turn darker; healthy tooth structure will not be affected. Infected lesions are often already dark so the application of SDF will only turn them a bit darker. Also, if the solution is applied to a posterior/back tooth, the discoloration will not be visible in normal everyday interactions when the patient is talking or smiling.

Will the patient need restorative care at the dentist?

This depends on the patient and their specific case, including their age and ability to handle restorative care. If the patient is very young or uncooperative, they may not tolerate the standard restorative treatment process but generally, if feasible, restoration is recommended.

“It is important for pediatricians to encourage restoration of SDF-treated cavitated lesions to restore form and function. Providers should stress follow-up appointments within the dental home at least every six months to promote optimal clinical outcomes.”6

Elise Sarvas, D.D.S., M.S.D., M.P.H.; Jeffrey M. Karp, D.M.D., M.S.

Should I apply fluoride varnish after SDF treatment?

Yes! Research shows that a fluoride varnish application is needed and beneficial to help protect the rest of your patient’s teeth. What’s more, a great-tasting varnish like Centrix FluoroDose® will help mask the ammonia taste your patients might notice upon application.

Should I use an informed consent form for SDF treatment?

Many health care providers like to have patients sign consent forms, so they are aware of the treatment they are going to receive and the alternatives. The consent form you choose is up to you, here are several we found that are patient-friendly and clear for all parties. Our thanks to the professionals who allow us to share links to the consent forms they use.

Courtesy of the Univ. of California, San Francisco:

SDF-UCSF_Consent-20150716_English.docx - Google Drive
SDF UCSF Consent 2015819_Spanish.docx - Google Drive

Courtesy of Jeanette MacLean, DDS, Affiliated Children’s Dental Specialists:

Informed Consent for Silver Diamine Fluoride

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