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Why FluoroDose?

Our award-winning fluoride varnish supports strong, healthy smiles for kids!

Ideal for pediatric care, FluoroDose takes less than a minute to apply and is perfect for busy practices!

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Our LolliTray package makes every fluoride application faster, easier and more comfortable for you!

FluoroDose paints on the teeth easily and quickly.

Application is done in less than 1 minute. Just swipe across the front/buccal surfaces, then across the back/lingual surfaces, and finally across the top/occlusal surfaces.

You’re done in 60 seconds!

Get reimbursed up to $90 per patient exam and application* with a varnish that costs less than $1 and takes less than 1 minute.

*based on your state

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Our oral health preventive care experts will teach you all there is to know about preventive care and fluoride varnish treatments!
I recommend fluoride varnish for all ages of patients at my practice. I find FluoroDose to be especially good for patients under the age of 18. It's also great for patients who have a high risk of caries, as well as those patients who may be experiencing generalized sensitivity.


FluoroDose has been awarded THE DENTAL ADVISOR's top Fluoride Varnish 6 years in a row! Clinicians love that it is smooth, not clumpy. Patients love that it tastes and feels great.

If you haven’t yet begun treating your patients with fluoride varnish, Centrix is here to help!

Early Childhood Caries (ECC)

It is defined as >1 decayed, missing, or filled primary tooth surface in children less than 6 years of age. It effects 23% of children ages 2-5 years, 17% of permanent teeth ages 6-11 and up to 57% adolescents ages 12-19. ECC was once called “nursing caries” or “baby bottle tooth decay”, which greatly downplays the health, social and economic harms of this wide-spread disease.

In addition to twice-daily brushing with fluoridated toothpaste for all children, professionally-applied 5% fluoride varnish treatments are highly effective in reducing the prevalence of ECC. Evidence increasingly suggests that preventive interventions within the first year of life are critical. This may be best implemented by medical providers who often see young children long before they see a dentist.


FluoroDose is a clear 5% sodium fluoride varnish, FDA approved to treat dentinal sensitivity. THE DENTAL ADVISOR, an independent oral care research and evaluation institute, rated FluoroDose the TOP fluoride varnish for 6 consecutive years.

The application time is quick, under a minute and you’re done! Our flavors are yummy, and young patients enjoy the choices. Choose from Bubble Gum, Caramel, Cherry, Melon or Mint. And, our patented LolliTray™ packaging is unique, hygienic, single patient and completely disposable!

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